Want to do  more than      watch ?


If you would like to become apart of our group please feel free to contact us and we would gladlyhelp get you started.or come to one of our events and any the drivers will be than happy answer your all of your questions.

What we do

We have been providing family entertainment since 1972 offering exciting chuckwagon andchariot races. Today we offer many choices that can suit your fairs needs. If you want this type of event at your fair or function, please contact us. 

No Track No Problem

Depending on the size of your arena or outdoorhorse show ring will determine what we can do, this is for safety of all involved horses, drivers and spectators.

What will You see:

Roman Chariots: These gladiators are dress in roman attire chariots are open wheeled just like days of old.

Mini ChuckwagonsThis division uses mini horses which uses a scaled down version of our big wagons raced in single teams and four horse hitch.

Kids Participation:This is the portion of our show where the kids can become apart of the action. The competitors take part in stick horse race with a cowboy twist.